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How We Give


Our approach to Masakali is through the lens of conscious fashion, because ensuring we create positive social impact through any work we undertake is crucial to us and lies at the heart of our business values.

There is more we want to do with Masakali than just make people look good.

As a step in that direction, we have joined hands with Aangan Trust - a nationwide non-profit organisation doing incredible work in protecting some of the country’s most vulnerable children from exploitation, labour and the sex trade.

Our impact-driven business model, means every time you purchase a lehenga, we make an an automatic donation of Rs500 to Aangan Trust in your name.

So with every lehenga you buy, you join in the fight towards a better, safer India for all children.


Did you know, 1,00,000 children go missing in India every year? These ‘missing’ children are regularly sold as sex slaves and labour or are forced into child marriage.

Aangan Trust works directly with communities in 20 districts in 6 states across India, namely Maharashtra, Odisha, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and West Bengal to help protect these vulnerable children and educate parents and guardians to create safer communities for everyone.

Learn more about Aangan Trust and their work here.

Conscious Fashion

Clothes are more than garments you wear on your body. The decisions you make as a consumer have a far greater impact than you can imagine. From sustainable production and working conditions to animal welfare and the environment - you make a choice of what you choose to support with every purchase you make.

That’s exactly why making conscious fashion mainstream and starting a movement of impact-focused customers and designers is at the heart of who we are and the legacy we hope to leave behind.

The 5 Year Plan:

To launch our own ethical Indian fashion line where we commit to ensuring all our products are ethical and fair trade. Our goal is to create a line of products that places sustainability, transparency and ethical values at its very core.

The 10 Year Plan:

To expand our product line and create a school to train and upskill vulnerable and underprivileged women and children in end-to-end lehenga production, who we can then employ at Masakali to create our products.

Since our inception, we have selectively partnered with hand-picked designers, ensuring that none of the products sold on Masakali are mass-produced or factory made. Every outfit is crafted, designed and created by individuals or small teams of designers and tailors.

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