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Our Story


Masakali is so much more than just another online store. It is a movement to bring beautiful, ethical ethnic fashion to the masses. With social-impact lying at the heart of our values, we are an online platform dedicated to selling high quality, thoughtfully curated lehengas to the domestic market (and soon to the global market)

Masakali began as a distant dream, sparked in a quiet corner of a dingy Udipi restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As 3 colleagues turned friends (and soon to turn business partners), we would constantly lament the lack of availability of affordable and beautiful Indian fashion online. And before we knew it, somewhere between mouthfuls of greasy dosa, an idea began to take shape.

That idea would come to be known as Masakali.

Five months, three continents, thousands of spreadsheets and far too many 1am Skype calls later, Masakali was ready to launch.

With Masakali, our goal is twofold:

1. To give you, the consumer, access to beautifully crafted, good quality Indian lehengas at affordable prices.

2. To give upcoming designers an integrated platform to sell their products and reach out to a larger segment of the market.

Above all else, Masakali is a labour of love, dedicated to our unrelenting and tireless obsession with Indian fashion.


We are Bollywood obsessed, dosa-loving friends and business partners. In the year that we've known each other we've had more fights than we can count, and infinitely more spontaneous break out Bollywood singing sessions than we will ever admit.

Together our combined experience covers every aspect of digital marketing from the sexy stuff like copywriting, branding and social media management to the not-so-sexy technical stuff like conversion optimisation, landing page conversion and email marketing.


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